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Canada's National Index on Agri-Food Performance

A growing coalition of private-public partners are working pre-competitively to develop an integrated picture of sustainability for Canada’s agri-food sector from food production to retail.
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Alberta Agriculture & Irrigation
Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Saskatchewan
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Québec)

Ex-officio Partners

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For Phase 3 (June 2022–spring 2023).

Protein Industries Canada’s Capacity Building Program for Phase 2C (Oct 2021–May 2022).

All partners have contributed financial and/or in-kind support for the National Index initiative across each phase of work since 2020.

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“Canadian farmers and ranchers have a long proud history of leading the world in delivering safe, nutritious food and food products to consumers both domestically and across the globe. The development of a national index on sustainability is the next step towards ensuring the highest standards of our food production footprint will continue to deliver the confidence and security consumers look for in Canadian food products.”

Keith Currie
1st Vice President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture

“Canadian food production remains strong from an environmental perspective but successes must be measured and shown effective for us to effectively compete on a world stage. Combining these environmental efforts with steps to develop and diversify markets, investing in innovation and developing a modern regulatory and infrastructure network are critical to Canada fully achieving its stated economic goals.”

Michael Graydon
CEO, Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada

“A national index will help Canada solidify its position as a global leader in sustainable agriculture across all commodities.”

Greg Northey
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Pulse Canada

“Loblaw is committed to reducing its environmental impact and helping to build a resilient food sector. Through continuous improvements, setting measurable targets and investing in our communities, we strive to embed accountability and best practices across our company, brands and through our supply chains. We believe that a national benchmark for agri-food sustainability in Canada will help advance these efforts and continue to build trust in our food systems both locally and globally.”

Jennifer Lambert
Sr. Manager, Sustainability, Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Wind Farm
Grain Elevator