Phase 2C Final Report

What is the report about?

The final report of Phase 2C (May 2022) has four parts, separately published:

Part 1 – Synthesis of results

  • Key messages, synthesis of results, next steps and detailed acknowledgements of the funders, governance, partners, and people involved in this work.

Part 2 – Index indicators

  • Process/methodology overview and details on Index indicators.

Part 3 – Highlights of projects

  • Summaries of most projects; highlights of what is pertinent to inform the Index and future work.

Part 4 – Research papers

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A chart showing which part (1–4) of the final report in which to find major items
A view of agri-food sustainability

What could a future Index measure?

The Index presents the criteria for measuring agri-food sector sustainability on a consolidated basis. (“Food sector” includes all supply chains stakeholders directly involved in agricultural production through to retail.)

It includes a suite of 20 indicators, 50 sub-indicators and over 100 metrics. The intent is to paint a comprehensive view of sustainability – showing areas of leadership and shortcomings.

A full diagram showing themes, indicators and sub-indicators of the proposed Index
Phase 3 pilot

What is the current pilot about?

A pilot is to take the Index from concept to reality.

This presents an opportunity to test it, better grasp the limitations of the available data and methodologies, see how the Index aligns with existing metrics in practice, and determine where the Index can be best housed and how the Index can be improved and utilized. Given the data gaps, the pilot will need to short-list what can be measured.

Phase 3 aims to publish a modest version Index 1.0 in the first half of 2023. See outline of Phase 3 work plan (June 2022 – March 2023).